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Technology that makes people's lives easier

Lochlite is a global provider of information technology and internet of things solutions, ready to help you who have or want to create a modern and efficient business.

Through the Gameloch-Lochlite partnership we have developed a complete catalog of corporate solutions that allow you to digitize your business in just a few steps and best of all, you can use some solutions free of charge.

Our free solutions
Discover Lochi Private, your passport to access Gameloch from anywhere in the world, without login, without fixed costs.
Quick access

Access the Lochi Private product catalog, choose one of the available services and start using it. This is as easy as using self-service.

Security & Privacy

Use your favorite Gameloch services with maximum security and privacy, after your session expires, Gameloch destroys the stored data.

Protected links

With Lochi Private your history is protected from external access, only you in your browser can view the accessed links.


Create dynamic links that automatically expire and share your work securely. People can access your links from anywhere without having to log in.

Web development
Lochlite offers flexibility in contracting and convenience in monitoring your demand, get to know our solution kits.

If you need a website or are looking for a way to manage your technological infrastructure, we can offer you different service options for hiring at a competitive price.

From USD 25.00 per month

Sites & Servers

Get a virtual advisor to help you with your IT issues.

From USD 8.00 per repair

Repair & Upgrade

Request repair or upgrade of a website or server.

From USD 8.00 per hour

Development & Optimization

Request the development or optimization of a website.

From USD 450.00 per order

Website & Application

Request website to app conversion or vice versa

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